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Give Me One Good Reason

Mom and dad they quite don't understand it
all the kids they laugh as if they planned it
why do girls want to pierce their nose
and walk around in torn pantyhose, oh yeah

I like the ones who say they listen to the punk rock
I like the kids who fight against how they were brought up
they hate the trends and think it's fucked to care
it's cool when they piss people off with what they wear, oh yeah

So give me one good reason
why we need to be like them
kids will have fun and offend
they don't want to and don't fit in

Hate the jocks, the preps, the hippie-fuckin' scumbags
heavy-metalers with their awful, pussy hair bands
counting seconds until we can get away
ditchin' school almost every single day, oh yeah

So give me one good reason
why we need to be like them
kids will have fun and offend
they don't want to and don't fit in

Give me one good reason
why we need to be like them
kids will have fun and offend
they don't want to and don't fit in

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